Earlier this Spring (2021), a friend of mine involved in K-12 education wanted to get his first vaccination appointment, and found himself repeatedly checking the UNC health care system's page to see a notice that said that no appointments were available yet. He was in the middle of teaching himself Python, so he wrote a simple scraper that checked that page every 5 minutes and - when the notice was no longer there - blasted Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" through his house to let him know to run up and snag an appointment.

Not to be outdone, I decided to write something similar using Node.js: Using Puppeteer to scrape the site, I checked this page regularly, and if vaccination appointments were available, it would dig deeper, looking at available appointment sites and comparing their addresses to my location to see what the Google API said the driving distance was. If it was within a certain threshold (for example 1 hour), it would use the Twilio API to send me a text message with a direct link to the registration page. Below is the repository containing the code. Fortunately this is no longer necessary in North Carolina: anyone can get vaccinated at this point, and the tool is no longer useful.