The Basics


Location: Carrboro, North Carolina

How do we start?

Get in touch and tell us a little about what you need. Are you looking for a web site? A better design? Help with app design? Someone will respond promptly. Charitable projects, academically interesting work, and projects with high potential for profit may be eligible for substantial rate reductions. If you have a good cause or an interesting idea, get in touch!

Free Consultation over Coffee

If you're not sure that our services are right for you, it won't cost you a thing to have a chat about it. Initial consultations are absolutely free. If you're local, let us buy you a coffee, and let's chat about your goals and whether this might be the right solution for you. If not, We'll try to steer you in the right direction, even if it's not toward us.

Determining Cost

We typically charge $80 per hour, though this can vary with the scope and nature of the project. For simpler sites, it may be a one-man show. For bigger projects or ones requiring custom graphic design, we may work with outside partners. To give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for a typical WordPress website with some customized content types and content management features, here are a couple of good reads:

When we first talk, we can give you a very rough ballpark estimate of how much the project might cost. If that number sounds realistic, then we can draft a more formal proposal, broken down into minimum and maximum quotes for incremental billable stages of the project. Payment will be expected promptly after each stage of work is delivered to the client's satisfaction. Depending on the scope and/or up-front costs, some payment may be requested in advance. If so, this will be made clear at the beginning, and it will be clearly stated in the contract.

Travel and/or Remote Work

Any travel required can be negotiated. We're happy to travel to remote clients for larger projects and collaborative work, but may ask for compensation for travel costs, depending on the size, nature and scope of the project. Google Hangouts and Skype are also terrific ways to work together over a distance, and technology training can be conducted effectively in online environments as well.

Internship Policy

We may assign interns to lower-level work for your project, like content edits, basic markup and layout, simpler programming assignment, and other tasks that can help them develop their skill set. We would like to emphasize two important policies that we adhere to in this case: (1) They are paid a fair wage for their contribution to our team, and (2) The pay that they receive will not be factored into your project's overall cost, but rather deducted from our own profit margins. Please rest assured that the estimates that we quote are always calculated based on seasoned professionals doing the work, not the hours performed by less experienced interns who are learning on the job.