I had the distinct pleasure of of being tutored by Jon on a web development course last semester. The course was introductory to web development but covered a broad range of topics including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. The class was a complete mess with an instructor “teaching from the book” and grading based on what seemed to be little knowledge of the subject matter. I was quite lost with a good bit of the material but after connecting and working with Jon on the stuff that I was having trouble with, I was able to get a grasp on more of the material. Jon is the type of instructor who truly takes a passion in teaching these concepts to other individuals and making sure that you not only understand the material but make a good grade too! Jon was even capable of double checking some of my graded work and pointed out errors the instructor made in grading – This resulted in me getting grades adjusted for several assignments where he had mistakenly marked my work incorrect! The result of being tutored by Jon concluded with me getting an A- in the class and a great understanding of working with entry level web development! Cannot recommend him enough if you need help with these topics!