There are two very useful plugins for WordPress that enable the development of custom post types with specialized fields. Custom Post Type UI (CPT UI) allows users to create custom post types like "Person" or "Article", and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) allows users to include additional fields beyond just title and content: for example, first and last name, phone number, job titles, etc.

Unfortunately, the final part of what would otherwise be a beautiful trifecta is sorely lacking. Developers who don't want to have to dig into the wp-content/plugins directory to create new content types are left without good options to systematically display these post types in various areas of the site like staff listings or bibliographies. In response to this gap, I developed a (still kind of clunky) plugin that allows authors to include shortcode markup directly in the page editor to specify repetitive content layouts without having to code a special shortcode and include it as an additional plugin.

How to use it:

  • Download the zip file here.
  • Upload the Zip file in your Plugins manager on WordPress.
  • Activate the Plugin.
  • Create relevant Post Types and Custom Fields.
  • Edit your posts using the provided markup conventions (see sample when downloading).