We provide consulting services designed to assist academics in successfully transitioning to information technology (IT) jobs by highlighting the transferable skills gained through their academic experience. We understand that academia equips individuals with a diverse set of skills that are highly valuable in the IT industry, and we are dedicated to helping academics effectively communicate and leverage these skills to excel in their new career paths. Through our consulting services, we work closely with academics to identify and articulate the transferrable skills they have developed throughout their academic journey. We recognize that skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, data analysis, research methodologies, project management, and communication are applicable and sought-after in the IT field. We assist academics in understanding how these skills can be translated into the language and context of the IT industry.

Throughout the consulting process, we provide valuable insights and best practices for presenting their work, emphasizing the overlap between academia and IT work, and effectively demonstrating their readiness for IT roles. We offer ongoing support, feedback, and resources to help academics build their confidence, refine their portfolio, and navigate the transition to an IT career.

Portfolio Development

We collaborate with academics to develop a personalized strategy for creating a meaningful portfolio that effectively showcases their technical abilities and demonstrates the application of their transferrable skills in IT-related projects. Our goal is to help academics bridge the gap between academia and IT work by presenting their expertise in a manner that resonates with potential employers.

In addition to portfolio development, we guide academics in establishing a strong presence on GitHub, a widely recognized platform for collaboration and showcasing coding abilities. We assist in setting up a professional GitHub profile, optimizing it to highlight their transferrable skills, and effectively organizing their repositories to emphasize relevant projects and contributions.