Looking for a Clever Gift Idea for Any Occasion?

Have you ever seen one of those cool posters that is a photograph built from hundreds of other tiny photographs? It's called a photo mosaic, and it turns out that developing a custom mosaic poster of a photo of your choice from either a set of stock photos or even your own collection is more affordable and accessible than you may think!

100% of profits from dog posters go to the Beckett Foundation!

Interested? Take a look at the samples below and then scroll further down to find more info on how to order them!

Some Samples...


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Perfect Anniversary Gift!

By taking the hundreds or even thousands of photos that you end up with after your wedding anyway, you can easily generate and print a photo mosaic of one or more of your favorite wedding photos or any other image you wish. Find that perfect shot from the vacation where you proposed, or the place where you first met, and re-build the image using hundreds of images from the day that you said "I do" to spending the rest of your life with the person that you were with on that day!

A Great Keepsake for Departed Family, Friends and Pets

When we lost our dog, I started a nonprofit called the Beckett Foundation with a group of friends. One day, while brainstorming fun merchandise to sell for fundraising, I stumbled upon the idea of printing mosaics of pets from hundreds of pictures of dogs.

Best of all? 100% of profits from any dog posters that you print using this service will be donated to the Beckett Foundation!


  • How big are the posters?
    • These posters are 24" on the short end, and then proportionately wide or tall to match.
  • What is the quality like?
    • Printed on high-quality polyester fabric paper, they are durable, fairly water-resistant, and soft and luxurious to the touch.
  • How much does it cost?
    • They'll typically cost $100 flat (we'll cover sales tax and shipping) for a poster that is 24" x 24-36". Larger posters may require a bump in price.
    • 100% of profits from dog posters go to the Beckett Foundation!
    • (International / Non-continental US orders my require additional shipping fees.)
  • How fast does it ship?
    • Usually within a week. Printing is usually completed within 2 business days, and delivery should take another 2-3 days if there aren't hang-ups in shipping via USPS.
    • (International / Non-continental US orders my require additional time.)

Interested in Ordering One?

Get in touch!  If you want to go ahead and get your materials ready, then follow these easy steps before you send us a message:

  1. Pick a reasonably high-quality photo that you would like printed.
  2. Gather all of the photos that you'd like to use as your miniature tiles in a single place. Ideally a Google Drive folder, and let us know
  3. Send us an email! Include the following:
    1. Subject: "Mosaic Poster Order"
    2. Body:
      1. Your full name
      2. How you know the people in the image / purpose of the poster
      3. A link to your Google Drive (or elsewhere) containing the tile images. (Please make sure it's public so that we can access them!)
      4. An attachment of the desired poster image (jpg or png file).
  4. We'll reply with a proof and an invoice to pay online. (If you don't like the proof, you can request modifications or cancel altogether at no cost.)