Full Stack Development involves the use of databases, server-side programming and client-side programming to develop applications from back to front: from setting up a server to installing a database like MySQL, Mongo, Oracle, etc, to connecting to it from a programming language like Python, Node, Java or PHP, and then to developing web applications using any of those languages plus JavaScript, HTML and CSS on the front end to provide an interface to users in an app or web browser.

Full Stack Data Analytics, therefore, could be seen as the processes of procuring, cleaning, processing, transforming and serving up date through an API. It could also be extended to leveraging that data to produce visualizations in tools like Power BI or Tableau, and developing web applications that either use the output from those tools or directly access the same APIs to fetch data to use with libraries like Google Maps and Charts, HighCharts, Leaflet, or other visualization APIs available on the web.

True Wind Technology can help you stitch together the various components involved in locating, fetching, processing, transforming and ultimately using the data that that your organization requires to perform the kinds of analyses that guide your decisions and services.