Earn 10% by Referring New Clients!

If you've worked with us, or know anything about the nature and quality of our work, we would love your help in reaching new clients. We have a 10% referral policy for new contracted development work, training course sign-ups, and hourly work. If you refer someone to us, or send us a lead, we'll pay you 10% of any income from their first project, or 10% per hour of hourly billed services like tutoring and training.

For example, if you refer a web client to us, and we sign a contract to complete a $10,000 project, then you will receive $1,000 upon receipt of payment. (In most cases, this will occur up-front once funds are available from their initial payment, but in the case that clients pay later or upon completion, you will be paid once sufficient payment has been made.) As another (hourly) example, if you refer a tutoring client to us for $60 per hour, and we tutor them for 30 hours, then you will receive $180.

Got someone to refer?

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