If you're reading this page, then I probably directed you here asking for referrals. I've decided to ramp up efforts to break out on my own, and I'd like to present here what I can do, as well as what I can't do, so that you can make a wise judgement call before referring me to friends for help with their web, data and other digital projects.

What I can do...

Database Design. I have 15 years of experience designing relational database schemas for storing large, complex sets of data and their relationships. For the past 8+ years, I have been working heavily in Oracle at my day job, and for over 15 years, I've been working with MySQL, the most popular open source database platform.

Web Programming and Application Development. My heaviest programming experience in in PHP, one of the most popular server-side programming languages in use for the last couple of decades. Because of its use in WordPress (see below), it is unlikely to become obsolete any time soon. I also have substantial experience working with languages like Python and NodeJS, both of which are also very popular current languages. On the front end, I have a lot of experience with web design in HTML and CSS, as well as user interactivity design and front-end development using JavaScript.

WordPress Website Design and Development. WordPress is the world's most popular content management platform, capable of handling anything from small business flyer-style websites to complex web applications with numerous interactive components. I have substantial experience working with it for both the School of Information Science at UNC (Health Informatics and related websites) as well as in freelance projects for several clients and partners. Because it is written in PHP, which remains one of the most popular server-side programming languages on the web (see above), I am also capable of working with it under the hood, creating custom themes and plugins as needed.

Information Visualization. Maps, charts, timelines. I've done it all. I really enjoying framing data in geo-temporal contexts, whether it's creating a map of speech accents, showcasing the pub run pint cup's travels, or helping primary investigators research cancer outcomes trends using Google Charts and Maps.

Training and Tutoring. I have a good deal of experience teaching and tutoring, both in classroom and one-on-one settings. I've taught both German and JavaScript programming at Indiana University in the past, and have a long history of individual and small-group tutoring in information technology. In particular, I'm very familiar with the UNC Boot Camp and its relevant technologies, and can help students who are... underwhelmed... by the workshop's quality.

What I can't do...

Art and Graphic Design. Don't get me wrong. I can make attractive websites, but I'm not a graphic designer, and certainly not a freeform artist. If you're looking for logos or other graphic design work, I can certainly refer you on to some good talent (I know several people), but you'll never hear me brag about my artistic prowess.